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Let's be honest, parenting a teenager is tough. It's quite possibly the most difficult stage of parenting there is and if you're anything like the parents we've worked with for over 25+ years, you're exhausted, confused, frustrated and scared. So much is happening and there has been little time to adjust, subsequently, you've lost yourself in the process and might even worry that you've lost your daughter too. And if you're not there yet, you may fear you are not too far behind.

Remember the early days with your daughter? The ones where she needed you, wanted you and didn't talk back? The long cuddles, wet kisses and feeling that you could do no wrong in her eyes? Even with the sleepless nights or frustration of potty training, it just doesn't compare to the challenges and pressure of raising a teenage daughter who has limited time left under your constant care. She's preparing to start her life without you soon and its time to make sure you can let go with confidence whether you're ready or not. 

We believe that in order for your daughter to be as successful as possible your relationship needs to be her safe haven; a refuge during life toughest moments. We're here to help you get there whether its through one-on-one sessions or in our parents group... All you have to do is show up. 

Mom's Group

Interested in learning more?

A community of mothers sharing in the journey of raising teenage girls. 

Fridays 10-11:30am (ongoing starting Jan 19th)

$65/group, discount for TruthTribe Mom's 

637 W. 18th St. Houston, TX 77008


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