Frequently Asked Questions

What is TruthTribe?

TruthTribe is an intentional therapeutic community of young women empowering one another during a tw0-hour group including Yoga, meditation, creative expression and talk.

Who is it for?

Right now, TruthTribe is for adolescent females in middle and high school looking for increased body awareness, improved self-esteem, positive coping skills for everyday stressors, in-the-moment techniques for emotional regulation and positive peer support. Our tribe typically has A LOT of school stress, cares about what others think, tends to be hard on themselves and has someone in her live that is committed to her being her absolute best.

We also have groups for moms of teen girls, because we know that can be a challenging job!

How often do you meet?

Our groups meet one a week in 9-10 week cohorts, depending on how the school calendars typically fall.  During summer we hold weekly drop in sessions so girls who have other commitments can participate when they are in town and available.

Our moms group is the only group that remains open for new members and meets weekly, except holidays or other determined off days.

What is the commitment?

During the school year we ask for 9-10 week commitments to a specific cohort. This allows the group to become a cohesive, supportive environment through those weeks and form their own tribe…which they get to name themselves!

What are the benefits of participating?

While there are no guarantees, we hope TruthTribe participants complete group and feel more empowered in their lives, more confident in who they are, and increased confidence and ability to handle life as it throws drama, chaos and stress your way. WE hope to have girls complete groups feeling powerful, confident and supported.

Can moms participate?

Yes! We have two mom’s groups running. Our mom's group is held on Friday mornings from 10-11:30am. Right now our mom’s participate as a process group without yoga, though we have workshops and retreats throughout the year where mom’s and daughters can come together for a shared TruthTribe experience including yoga and group process.

In addition, Restorative Yoga classes are often help Friday's from 9-9:50am in our Yoga Barn behind the main house. It's a perfect opportunity to relax, center and then join other mom's in our group.

My daughter is hesitant… Can she come try it to see if she likes it before we commit?

Right now we ask for a 9-10 week commitment to participate in groups during the school year, but we offer drop-in sessions during summer so girls can check it out and decide if it’s something they want to participate in during the school year. We also like to meet each participant before they commit to group, which can help with their level of comfortability.

What days and times do you meet, and where?

Middle School Girls - Thursdays 4:30-6:00pm

High School Girls  - Thursdays 6:15pm-8pm

Mom's Group - Fridays 10-11:30am

All groups are held @ 637 W. 18th St, Houston, TX 77008 in our Yoga Barn in the back!

What is the cost?

TruthTribe cohorts are packaged for $675 and moms groups are $55-65 per group (depending if you have a daughter currently enrolled).

Workshop costs range from $25-75 per person depending on the type of workshop provided.

Can we pay per session if my daughter cannot attend every group due to another activity or commitment?

First and foremost, always come to us if you feel like there will be a scheduling issue or if your daughter cannot make certain groups. We know how busy schedules are during the school year and we respect that. Unfortunately we cannot split the group cost because our groups are small and fill up fast. However, during the summer we do offer drop-in sessions and we are working to add drop-in sessions year around so stay tuned!

We're not ready to commit just yet, but we want to stay connected, how do we do that? 

Great question! We would love to add you to our email list for articles, now blog posts and our events coming up. You can sign up below and/or join us in our exclusive Parent Community on Facebook here.



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